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Helps you understand if your leaders are aligned and how your culture is helping or stopping execution of your strategy

Helps you create, run and analyze your own bespoke multi-level employee engagement process

Helps ensure new recruits are aligned with your desired culture and provides an unique candidate experience

Helps you create an organisational development programme and 360 degree assessment

Whatever your HR challenge, the toolkit can help

I want to strengthen the professional reputation of the HR team in our organisation

I want to understand whether our culture is getting in the way of executing our strategy

I want to understand the differences of opinion that may exist about our culture amongst our leaders

I want to know if the changes we want to make are possible with the people we have

I want to get focused on a small number of priorities

I want to run an engagement survey specific to my needs

I want to create a competence model and run 360 degree assessments

I want to include a culture fit assessment as part of my recruitment projects

I want to compare internal and external candidates in an objective way

I want to provide a unique and outstanding candidate experience

Ways to work with us

You may choose to buy our toolkit and run your own internal processes. We will train up to six of your team to set up the system, run internal processes and interpret results, so that you completely negate the need for external consultants and develop the skills of your people.

Alternatively you may wish to have some support from redpill until you feel confident to use the toolkit yourself. We can assist you with any of the tools and ensure you set up a professional and successful project.

It’s up to you!

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