CompetenceQ enables you to build your own bespoke competence model, using PriorityQ outputs as the starting point and then create a 360 feedback tool specific to your requirements.

CompetenceQ is available in English and Polish

For whom is it useful?

  • HRDs who require a flexible tool that can be developed and administered in- house without the need for external consultants

  • Teams who need to build a competence model specific to their needs and then track progress through simple 360 feedback

How does it work?

CompetenceQ comes loaded with a set of 60 competencies that are in one of three categories: Personal, Relational or Business. You can select any number of competencies between 1 and 20 to suit you own requirements, you can even add your own. In most situations 4-6 competencies are recommended. These competencies can then be used to create your own unique 360 degree feedback model


  • Personal development is the biggest driver of employee engagement

  • Provides total flexibility to be focused on  your issues and your solutions

  • Actively suggests competence priorities according to the culture you require

  • Allows the flexible of using your existing Competence model

  • Enables a focus on both personal and organisational development needs

  • Provides instant reporting capability

  • Shows strengths & development areas calibrated across your business

Example extract from CompetenceQ report

Choose from a pre-loaded Competence model