EngageQ helps you create, run and analyze a bespoke employee engagement process with complete flexibility to include the questions you need to ask

EngageQ is available in English and Polish languages

For whom is it useful?

  • HRDs who wish to run a bespoke employee engagement survey across all or part of their organisation

  • HRDs who wish to give access to the results to managers across their business for them to take local action

How does it work?

EngageQ participants can access an engagement survey on mobile device or laptop and receive instant feedback regarding their personal engagement level. Results are aggregated at team, region, country or any level pre-defined by the administrator. The engagement survey can be run as short ‘pulse’ surveys or extensive multi-criteria surveys or a combination of the two.


  • Enables organisations to design their own specific and relevant surveys in a flexible and user friendly way

  • Enables organisations to run engagement surveys at zero cost (after purchasing the toolkit) as often and in as much detail as they wish

  • A set of default questions are included in the ‘Toolkit’ which you may choose to use or replace according to your needs.

  • Download and share results in an easy to read excel format

  • Track progress and review priority actions in PriorityQ

Example view data for EngageQ

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